T.N.T. Dulcimers

T.N.T. is the name of our dulcimer trio.   We are--individually--Ginny Cliett, Linda Smith
Deby Libby.  We are all members of the Knoxville Area Dulcimer Club, which is where
we met.   We came together, as our own group, in October, 2006, when we started trying
out new arrangements by
Larry Conger which are for a baritone, standard DAD, and Ginger
GDG dulcimers.   We absolutely loved the sound and decided we wanted to play more
music in parts like that.   We are having a ball trying out new music and seeing what we
can do with it!  
   We think it's a "DYNAMITE" dulcimer sound!!!
We can provide beautiful dulcimer music for
any event in the East Tennessee area,
whether it be a wedding or reception.   If
you are interested in hiring us for your
event, you may contact us at
Copyright T.N.T. Dulcimers. All rights reserved.  T.N.T. Logo designed by Mandi Smith, October 2006
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"Thank you TNT for making my wedding special and unique" - Dana P.   
T.N.T. TAB COLLECTIONS -   We now have collections of our original tabs
on CD.   Tunes include from one to 11 parts each.   You print out only
the parts you need.  Available now are Volume 1 - Hymns; Volume 2 -
TNT Favorites and Volume 3 - Fun with TNT.    See
Product Page for
more information and to order.  
"You did a wonderful job at Sesha's wedding!! It was really perfect and I can't thank you enough!
There is an obvious synchronicity when you are playing together that is fun to watch!" - Nancy
(Mother of the bride)  
"T.N.T. Live from the
Pickin' Porch"
recorded live on the
Pickin' Porch on
September 5, 2009.   
CD contains the entire
program, however,
tunes are on separate
Jammin' with TNT - The Keys to the Kingdom   
Once upon a jam, a mountain dulcimer player drummed up her courage and
decided to join a group that included fiddles, an upright bass, hammered
dulcimers, banjos, guitars, psalteries and more.  All were amazed and
astounded when after each tune was called, she asked, "What key?".  . . . and
they all played happily ever after.

Learn how you too can be more confident in any jam using
principles of the Nashville Numbering System as applied to
dulcimer playing.   We'll show you how to easily play along
with any tune in the most commonly used jamming keys with
just small changes in tuning, using a capo along with our
Comfy Chord Shapes.        
Also available - Jammin' with TNT - Jam Cards - Set 1 and Set 2     These sets include
typed 3 x 5 cards with the chord numbers for popular jam tunes using the Nashville Number
System as presented in above book.    Twenty-four tunes included in each set.    See
Page for list of tunes.   
To Order a CD - CLICK HERE.